What Our Clients Think Of Us At Xandel

I have been using Xandel “Cream of the Crop” for many years. I was getting ready for rotator cuff surgery, when a friend suggested I try his cream. The outcome, no surgery. I love the company, and products so much I invested to help the company to grow, so that others can become pain free as I am.

Rick Y, Scottsdale Az -

During my many years of life I have suffered many injuries to my back. Many (if  not all) of the discs in my spine have either ruptured or are at least protruding, several vertebra have been fractured (two reguiring surgery to implant a lot of metal), the others were stress fractures, etc.

I also have both shoulders that suffered ligament damage due to an antibiotic required to cure an infection in one leg caused by a fall.

Long story short, not even a lot of Morphine (at one point well over 200mg/day) was able to alleviate the pain. But the CBD lotion I have received from Xandel has reduced the pain to the point of insignificance. I will be a Xandel customer for the duration.

Marshall C -

During the past eight years, I have had numerous surgical procedures including two fusions, five knee replacements, foot and shoulder surgeries.  Chronic pain has resulted, and the pain has prevented me from living a normal life.
The first time I tried Cream of The Crop, I was having serious knee and back pain.  I rubbed it on, and within five minutes, I could stand from a sitting position without having to hold on to something to pull myself up.  That was absolutely amazing.  It was hard to believe.  I couldn’t stop smiling.
I was also waking up in the middle of the night with horrible knee pain.  When I applied the cream, the leg pain subsided.
The Cream of The Crop has been like a miracle for me.  I have lived with horrible pain for, like I said, eight years, and now I don’t have to, thanks to the cream.  I will be forever grateful for the relief this product has given me.  Prior to this, some days  it just wasn’t worth it.   The pain was just too great.
I call Cream of The Crop my miracle medicine as I am starting to get my life back with this wonderful product.

Henderson NV

Kathy P -